Mark J. Holterman, Medical

IPSAC-VN International Scholar Program



As a professor of surgery and pediatrics at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, Mark Holterman, MD, PhD, conducts medical research and teaches medical students and surgical residents. Dr. Mark Holterman also supports the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN).

IPSAC-VN endeavors to improve the care of children in Vietnam by enhancing health care, using education and training to increase workforce and institutional capacity, supporting academics, contributing material and equipment, and providing surgery in the remote highlands. The IPSAC-VN International Scholar Program helps to accomplish this objective by awarding $2,500 to licensed and in-training medical personnel for educational expenses, travel, and room and board while spending up to two months being educated in the United States. This education involves observing clinical practices or receiving training in transnational research at a medical institution accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

The program is tailored to each chosen scholar who has the goal of enhancing the quality of health care at his or her institution in Vietnam. At the end of the program, all scholars prepare a presentation that details the practices they will carry out to improve patient care.

Mark J. Holterman, Medical

CellR4 – Journal for Cellular Therapies



A pediatrics and surgical professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, Mark Holterman, MD, holds board positions with multiple medical organizations. Dr. Mark Holterman also is a cofounder of the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (AACT) and serves on its executive board. The AACT collaborates with the CellR4 medical journal to publish research presented at AACT conferences.

The official journal of the Cure Alliance, CellR4 focuses on studies and medical knowledge regarding cellular repair, regeneration, reprogramming, and differentiation. The journal facilitates discussion on challenges and opportunities involved in developing new treatments. Published content includes information on fundamental new discoveries in basic science and the delivery of innovative therapies to transitional and clinical trials. Additionally, CellR4 shares information on global collaborative efforts and features commentaries and opinion papers on legal, ethical, and regulatory issues.

CellR4’s articles are available for full download at no charge on its website.

Mark J. Holterman, Medical

Programs of Excellence Deliver Pediatric Teaching and Patient Care


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Programs of Excellence

Mariam Global Health CEO and chief medical officer Mark Holterman, MD, possesses more than two decades of experience in pediatric medicine and surgery. Dr. Mark Holterman also serves as a professor of pediatrics and surgery at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, which administers the Programs of Clinical Excellence through its Pediatrics Department.

The Programs of Clinical Excellence engage in various aspects of pediatric medicine, from providing comprehensive medical care to offering students multi-level professional education. The program’s staff consists of a diverse medical team that advances the pediatric discipline with basic and clinical research into childhood diseases. Staff members commit to delivering compassionate, high-quality health care and serve as forerunners for the advancement of medical arts and sciences, while using the latest advancements in patient care, research, and teaching.

A dedicated advocate for child health, the collection of programs also facilitates community involvement in improving the health of children across the state. The program promotes the use of preventive and educational methods and upholds the rights of children to access quality health care and outcomes. Furthermore, the programs serve as a resource for families and physicians throughout the community.

The Programs of Clinical Excellence administers 10 initiatives that include the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center, Pediatric Renal Transplantation Program, the Pediatric Diabetes Program, and the Thriving Illinois Kids Engagement System. The other areas include neonatology, pediatric lung research, management of chronic conditions via CHECK, pediatric neurological and developmental disorders, asthma, and follow-ups for longtime survivors of childhood cancer.