Mark J. Holterman, Medical

The Xvivo System’s Modular Design


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Xvivo System

Pediatric surgeon Mark Holterman, MD, has over two decades of experience. At present, Dr. Mark Holterman applies his expertise as a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria and as an attending physician at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, where he was co-surgeon on the first trachea transplant in a small child ever completed.

A nine-hour operation, the transplant was performed on a 32-month-old Korean toddler who was born without a developed trachea. In addition to extensive clinical and scientific expertise, the operation relied on an engineered stem cell-based trachea, a nanofiber tracheal scaffold and bioreactor, and the Biospherix Xvivo cell incubation and processing system.

The Xvivo is a closed system, featuring closed hoods and closed cell incubators, that enables the growth and storage of cell cultures. The system, which is modular, can be configured in hundreds of different ways. For example, the simplest format (stage 1) might feature a single closed hood and a single incubator. Stage 2 could add an additional incubation chamber, a microscope station, and other third-party add-ons such as a cell separator. The third stage could include an unlimited number of additional incubators while also incorporating more hoods and other stations.